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Non-Union Writer's Block

at Gothic House Productions in Belleville, IL

Audition Announcement

Writer’s Block
Walter, an author, has a deadline to meet very soon. Each time he tries to concentrate on the story, some distraction from the city ruins everything. Fed up, he packs the essentials and heads out to the countryside, for some rest and relaxation. He drives up to a rustic office and walks in. An old man behind the counter greets him. Walter asks if there are any cabins available to rent, after seeing a lone key hanging on a board. The old man states, in a hesitant voice, that it is under renovation and will not rent it to him. Walter sweetens the deal and offers the man four times the going rate. The old man thinks on it and finally agrees to the rental, and tells Walter to not open the door after dark. Once Walter has the key, he leaves the office. He drives up to the cabin, walks in, and sets up his laptop. He takes in the utter silence and sounds of nature. Refreshed, he goes into the cabin and begins writing, like he has never done before. As time passes by, he knocks out page after page, until the sun sets and a frantic knocking on the door interrupts him.
Walter rushes to the door and opens it, revealing a young lady that is peering over her shoulder, into the wilderness. She tells Walter about someone trying to kill her and is stalking her. Walter offers for her to enter the cabin for safety and shelter. She readily accepts and walks towards the fireplace. Walter looks outside as the young lady walks in, searching for the person she described. He sees nothing and closes the door. The two talk briefly and then the door is fiercely pounded on. The old man yells at Walter to open the door and then his angry voice is silenced. Walter opens the door to reveal two small children. Something is definitely different with these two, but who is the third person….already inside the cabin?

Walter – 30’s – Author, polite, can be cocky, but ultimately wants to get his work done by the deadline.
Old Man – 60’s – Cabin owner, 2 day stubble on his face, weathered looking man, with a commanding voice.
Young Lady – Teen appearance – 5’6” or shorter, pale skin, quiet, but answers questions, ragged clothing.

Audition Requirements
Framing of video auditions will be done in a MCU (Medium Close Up) shot.
Dress for the role you are auditioning for.
Announce who you are and what role you are auditioning for.
Sides will be available

Audition Location
Belleville Public Library, S Jackson St & E Washington St, Belleville, IL
February 24, 2018
10am – 4pm

A Gothic House Productions and Dark Odyssey Films collaboration

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