Open General Auditions for The Black Rep's Season 42

at The St Louis Black Repertory Company in University City, MO


The Black Rep will hold Equity and Non-Equity general auditions for its 2018 - 2019 Season.


WHEN: Wednesday May 30, 2018 3:00-6:00PM

WHERE: The Black Rep Rehearsal Hall
6662 Olive in The Loop At the corner of Olive and Kingsland

Appointments will be in 5 minute time slots.
Please bring a headshot and resume

TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT: please call 314-534-3807

CALL BACKS: June 11, 2018 3 PM
If you have performed for The Black Rep you may call to be put on the callback list

A moving and celebratory musical play in which hats become a springboard for an exploration of black history and identity as seen through the eyes of a young black woman who has come down South to stay with her aunt after her brother is killed in Brooklyn. Hats are everywhere, in exquisite variety, and the characters use the hats to tell tales concerning everything from the etiquette of hats to their historical and contemporary social functioning. There is a hat for every occasion, from flirting to churchgoing to funerals to baptisms, and the tradition of hats is traced back to African rituals and slavery and forward to the New Testament and current fashion.

Character Description:
• MOTHER SHAW -Yolanda's grandmother and the matriarch in this world.
• MABEL-a minister's wife who proudly owns about 200 hats. She exercises her influence with a sharp and sassy tell-it-like-it-is attitude.
• VELMA-refers to herself as a hat queen. She is a funeral director and observes how "hattitude" figures into the death ritual.
• WANDA-choice of the appropriate hat is very important to Wanda. She disapproves of too many baubles on a hat, especially sequins in church.
• JEANETTE -flirtatious, fun loving and full of the joy of spirituality.
• YOLANDA -a teenager who rebels against the traditions that the others hold dear.
• MAN -plays many different roles. Serves the stories that the women tell, bringing to life the fathers, brothers, husbands and preachers who have touched the lives of the other characters.

The World Premiere of Canfield Drive
Two high-powered news reporters from across the aisle are thrown together during a ratings frenzy in Ferguson, MO following the shooting of unarmed teenager Michael Brown. As they untangle the real cause of Mike Brown’s death, they struggle to keep their own secrets out of the spotlight. In an age of sound bites, gotcha moments and viral videos, Canfield Drive asks is human connection extinct? Is the great American experiment beyond repair? Will there ever be liberty and justice for all? Created from diverse interviews of people from around the corner and around the world, Canfield Drive shines a light of hope as it wrestles with the greatest questions of our age.

Character Description:
• Woman 1-African American
• Man 1-Caucasian
• Woman 2-Any ethnicity of color
• Man 2-African American

Marie & Rosetta
Bringing fierce guitar playing and swing to gospel music, Sister Rosetta Tharpe was a legend in her time and a huge influence on Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and Ray Charles. Marie and Rosetta chronicle’s her first rehearsal with a young protegee, Marie Knight, as they prepare to embark on a tour that would establish them as one of the great duos in musical history.

Character Description:
• Marie Knight-African-American, early 20’s. A more traditional alto gospel singer. Gorgeous, youthful, on her way to becoming a spiritual star. Has to have a strong voice, a buoyancy of spirit, a sense of comedy one moment and then go to the other side. MUST HAVE A GOSPEL VOICE AND IDEALLY HAVE SOME FAMILIARITY WITH PLAYING PIANO, THOUGH NOT REQUIRED.
• Rosetta Tharpe-30’s-50’s. Pretty, vivacious, an irrepressible spirit. She has a bluesy voice (and I nreal life played a mean guitar). A diva who can take over a room vocally and with her personality. Plays spirituals that swing. MUST SING WELL AND IDEALLY HAVE SOME FAMILIARITY WITH PLAYING GUITAR, THOUGH NOT REQUIRED.

Nina Simone: Four Women
Velvet-throated songstress Nina Simone hypnotized audiences with her signature renditions of standards from the American songbook. But on September 15, 1963, a devastating explosion in Birmingham, Alabama rocked our entire nation to the core, and from the memory of the four little girls that were lost in this unimaginable tragedy came “Four women”—along with Simone’s other activist anthems like “Mississippi Goddam”, “Old Jim Crow” and “To Be Young, Gifted, and Black.” Through storytelling and song, Nina Simone: Four Women reveals how this iconic chanteuse found her true voice – and how the “High Priestess of Soul” helped define the sound of the Civil Rights Movement.

Character Description:
• Nina Simone-30, AKA Peaches. A woman of dark skin and temperament that cloaks wounds both present and historical. She should boast the agility of improvisation on the keys and the polyvocality of a herald. She has a high school education but possesses the attributes of a modern-day prophet.
• Sarah-40’s, AKA “Auntie.” Also of dark skin. Groomed to put others before herself. Her smile is inviting, never letting on that trouble lives on her horizon. She has a remedial education at best as she comes from a large family where everyone had to work and carry their weight. She possesses the tender shoulder you can cry on and a honeysuckled voice of pain. She doesn’t sing the blues but has lived it.
• Sephronia-30’s-40’s. Her skin is yellow. She is of a softer disposition because that is what her hair type and skin color warrant. She’s the painful reminder that she is a child of violence. She’s joined the Civil Rights Movement hoping this will make her black enough and create an acceptance. She is a D minor key, the saddest of them all.
• Sweet Thing- late 20’s. her skin is tan. She’s lived on the streets for quite some time and been in and out of trouble most of her life. She’s a pistol, but has never gotten what she really wants – love.
• Sam-Simone’s younger brother

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