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Celebrating our 25th Anniversary Season.

Act Two Theatre proudly announces that our first show of the 2019 season will be the hilarious farce:

by Marc Camoletti, Adapted by Robin Hawdon
Directed by Paul James
Performance Dates: Feb. 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17

Open Auditions:
Tuesday, November 13 and Thursday, November 15
Arrive between 6:30pm(preferable) and 7:30pm.
(no appointments)
Auditions consist of readings from the script. Perusal copies are available by sending email request to
(The Audition Form will be posted to in October and is to be filled out in advance and brought with you to the audition.)

Callbacks: Thursday, November 15 at 8pm and/or Sunday, November 18 at 12:30pm.

More info at:

Don’t Dress for Dinner Show Synopsis:
Bernard’s plans for a romantic rendezvous with his mistress are complete with a gourmet caterer and an alibi courtesy of his friend, Robert. But when Bernard’s wife learns that Robert will be visiting for the weekend, she decides to stay in town for a surprise tryst of her own… setting the stage for a collision course of assumed identities and outrageous infidelities. The cook is Suzette, the lover is Suzanne, the friend is bewildered, the wife is suspicious, the husband is losing his mind and everyone is guaranteed a good time at this hilarious romp through the French countryside. Additional Summary: At the play’s start, Bernard is eager for a weekend rendezvous with his mistress Suzanne. Thinking that his wife will be gone for the weekend, he invites Suzanne to their country home, as well as a gourmet cook to serve up tantalizing treats and his best friend Robert to be his alibi. Much to his dismay, his wife decides to stay home because she has a plan of her own. (The audience discovers early on that she and best friend Robert have been carrying on their own affair.) With the ensuing lies and false identities, the plot soon develops more twists than a corkscrew.

Actor Info: This is a sexy farcical adventure in a fast-paced French sex comedy complete with scandalous affairs, spilled drinks and sexy costume changes aplenty. Although the world of Don’t Dress For Dinner is cartoonish, it’s also chockful of sexual innuendos and adultery. The dialogue is rapid fire and the staging will be quite allergic to Pinter in every way. The physical comedy and very active farce will require actors quick of wit and quick of body.

Character Plot:
(These are the nominal ages of the characters. Actors from mid-twenties to fifties can play these roles.)

Bernard: 30’s-50’s, confident and self-centered businessman starting a mid-life crisis and planning a rendezvous with his mistress. Not particularly clever, but he thinks he is very clever.

Jacqueline: 30’s-50’s, Bernard’s wife and having an affair of her own. A self-centered shrew but still likable(age is flexible). Not particularly clever, but she really thinks she is.

Robert: 20’s-50’s, single best friend of Bernard and can’t say “No” to Bernard. A bachelor – self-centered by definition. Knows he is not clever but is delightfully and accidentally hilarious both verbally and physically.

Suzette: 20’s-50’s, a cook hired to cater the rendezvous who gets caught in the middle of this mess. A cordon bleu chef and unabashedly entrepreneurial (age is flexible). She IS clever.

Suzanne: 20’s-40’s, the (gold-digging?) fashion model mistress of Bernard. A model, a mistress, a narcissist (age is flexible). She IS NOT clever.

George: 20’s-50’s, Suzette’s highly protective husband. LARGE, jealous, dim, LARGE. (age is flexible). He doesn’t know what clever means.

REHEARSAL INFO and IMPORTANT DATES FOR THIS SHOW: Rehearsals are held on Tuesday evenings, Thursday evenings from 6:30-10pm, and Sunday afternoons from 12:30-4pm, at the St. Peters Cultural Arts Centre Performing Arts Theatre.
Performance Dates: Feb. 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17(strike).
Read-Through/Rehearsals begin November 18 or November 20 and run through January 31.
(No Rehearsals between December 21 and January 3)
Tech rehearsals Feb. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7(preview).
Set Construction occurs on Saturday and Sunday for the two weekends preceding the showing opening date. Tech Week rehearsals occur daily from the Saturday prior to opening night through the evening before opening night. A brush-up rehearsal is scheduled on Thursday(Feb. 14) between the show date weekends. Set Strike occurs immediately after the final performance. YOU MUST BE AVAILABLE FOR ALL OF THESE DATES TO PARTICIPATE AND BE CAST IN THIS SHOW with a small number of pre-agreed conflict dates excepted.

(The Audition Form will be posted to in October and is to be filled out in advance and brought with you to the audition.)

More info at:

Produced by special arrangement with Samuel French Ltd.

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