Ages 14-18 Casting Call

Male Casting Call, Female Understudy Call

"City Of Ghosts"

We are hiring actors 14-18 for a mini webisode series called “City of Ghosts.” The city has been overrun by spirits, and there are only four survivors. Hiding in the forest and doing what they can to survive, the teenagers all share the same frightening dreams with the same frightening man; the man planning to use them as ingredients for a spell that might end everything and mark the beginning of a new era. And it’s up to four high-schoolers.

You will need to send us an audition tape of you performing a dramatic monologue of your choosing, along with a headshot and a resume. If you are accepted to callbacks, you will need to tape yourself reading one or more of the monologues we give you to read, and will have to answer the mandatory questionnaire.

We are also looking for people on crew; Camera Operators, Makeup Artists, Hairdressers, FX Makeup, Animators, etc. Previous experience not required, we are just looking for people who are good at what they do.

This is just a student made film. We are just teenagers trying to film a webisode series, and are in no way a legitimate organization. We do not offer any kind of pay. If you have any questions, about scheduling plans, shooting locations, additional info on jobs available for crew or roles, you can email the director at or at

LUCAS -Protagonist

Lucas is the main character, the leader of the group, the one Aridan wants to make the General of his army, and fits the role of a vicious warrior well. He spends the whole film fighting these dark and twisted urges he’s had ever since he could remember, trying to be a good person. Lucas is also a humor character with toughness, sarcasm, wit, and a lot of swearing, and will stop at nothing to keep him and his friends alive.

SAMUEL -Protagonist

Samuel is an awkward teen, sort of clumsy and quirky. Fighting isn’t exactly his forte, but he has his moments of keeping the group together, and shares an amorous connection with Alyssa. He carries worries about not being enough for his friends, namely Alyssa, and does whatever he can, whenever he can, to help them.

ARIDAN -Antagonist

Aridan is the villain, the man who took over the city. He spends the film infiltrating the protagonist’s brains and dreams, effortlessly messing with their heads and mentally and physically torturing them. He is dark, but has a strange charm to him. The key to this character is his slyness and his ability to manipulate minds and intentions with ease.

We are also looking for female actresses to play understudies, and stand-ins for extras, if interested. The roles that still need understudies are posted below.

ALYSSA -Protagonist
Alyssa is the rational one of the group. She is observative, quick on her feet, and clever. She is also very mature for her age, and catches onto things more quickly than the others. She is kind of a geek, and gained all of her supernatural knowledge from shows like Lucifer, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Charmed, which end up keeping them all alive. She was far from ready for an apocalypse, but she is more than up to the task.

HAZEL -Supporting Role

Hazel is a teenager from back in the 20’s. She was hunted by Aridan before, and now she’s spent the past hundred years hiding from his spirits; an angry and vengeful ghost waiting to take Aridan down for good. The protagonists call her in hope of her help, and she helps them get what they need to take Aridan down. She’s an interesting character, as she is still a spirit. She, like every other ghost, have no remains of human emotion left in her other than anger and revenge.

KELRA -Supporting Role

Kelra is Aridan’s right hand woman. She is considered his temporary general, and has been tasked with finding the four teenagers. She is slick, manipulative and very evil. She shouldn’t be played aggressively. She doesn’t need to be aggressive. A single eyebrow raise is enough to make anyone cower before her.

ANDRICA -Speaking Role

Andrica is a spirit who reports to Kelra, saddled with a doofus of a partner she is held responsible for. Although a fierce and ruthless soldier, she’s already angered Aridan once, and she can’t screw up again.



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