Auditions for “Absent Friends” by Alan Ayckbourn – Albion Theatre

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Auditions: September 24 or 26, 6.30 – 8.30

Production: June 9 – 26, 2023

Synopsis: Diana hosts a tea party to help console Colin, an old friend, whose fiancée was recently drowned.  Colin’s surprising contentment linked with his friends’ clumsy attempts to console him unwittingly touches every raw nerve in their lives.  One of Ayckbourn’s best plays combining comedy with pathos.  Set in late 1970s/early 80s England.


Evelyn: Female late 20s/early 30s: Married to John, for whom she has little respect.  She is not one of the original friends.  Humorless, blunt, and cynical.

Diana: Female mid/late 30s: Unhappily married to Paul, she is hosting the party.  She is emotional and fraught from years of suspicion, genuine and unfounded, about Paul’s infidelity.  She tends to talk to cover her insecurity.

Marge: Female mid/late 30s: Loud, demonstrative, shallow and self-absorbed apart from caring from her husband (who is not at the party but keeps calling her).  She babies him.

Paul: Male mid/late 30s: unhappily married to Diana, he is athletic and a successful businessman.  Brusque, domineering and a serial adulterer.

John: Male mid/late 30s: married to Evelyn.  A jiggling, restless figure.  A salesman but a bad one.  He relies on Paul for business. Avoids conflict.

Colin: Male mid/late 30s: Despite recently losing his fiancée, he is relentlessly positive and optimistic.  Very long winded.  He is, in his view, an expert on people and relationships.

We encourage actors of all identities and backgrounds to audition. All actors must be vaccinated against Covid 19.

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