Auditions for “The Birthday Party” by Harold Pinter – Albion Theatre

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Auditions; September 26 or 28 6.30 to 8.30 p.m.

Production: March 10-26, 2023

Synopsis:  Stanley Webber, an erstwhile piano player who is reticent about his past, lives in a rundown boarding house run by Meg and Petey Boles, in an English seaside town. Employed by an unnamed “organization” two sinister strangers, Goldberg and McCann, arrive looking for Stanley, supposedly on his birthday, and turn his apparently innocuous birthday party organized by Meg into a nightmare. Often referred to as “a comedy of menace” time, place and identity are fluid and ambiguous.


Meg, female 60s: Married to Petey. Kind, absent minded and simplistic but carries on a sexually tinged relationship with Stanley.

Stanley, male 30s: lazy, unkempt and vague about his part, he can be cruel to Meg. His aggressive depression transitions into a nervous breakdown, including violence and an attempted rape.

Lulu, female early 20s: friend of Meg’s.  Childish and flirtatious. She becomes a victim of sexual assault.

Goldberg, male 50s: A Jewish gentleman from London.  Outwardly polite, suave, and charming but later reveals an angry, violent streak.

McCann, male 30s: Irish, Associate of Goldberg.  Possibly an unfrocked priest. Aggressive and physically threatening.

The role of Petey is already cast.

We encourage actors of all identities and backgrounds to audition. All actors must be vaccinated against Covid 19.

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