Student Film Casting: “Jinx”

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Mother(28-40) – Elliot’s mom, single mother who is doing her best to support two kids on her own.

– Audition Pages: 3-4

Elliot(13-14) – Molly’s brother and Benny’s bestfriend, typical older brother who likes to play pranks on his younger sister.

– Audition pages: 4-5

Benny(13-14) – Elliot’s number one counterpart. enjoys helping Elliot in messing with Molly.

– Audition pages: 4-5

Molly(9-10) – Independent for a 9 year old, she likes to entertain herself with her arts and crafts when her brother is not messing with her.

– Audition Pages: 11

Please submit video auditions to You can submit either a recording of the attached script or a prepared monologue. We will be having in person auditions at Webster University on January 18th and 19th from 6pm-9pm in the TV Studio (Room 131) Sverdrup Building. 6300 Big Bend Boulevard Saint Louis, MO 63119


Benny and Elliot:


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