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Looking for actors and actresses for an up coming film Hyperchondriac.

“A young girl has transitioned into a foster family, after witnessing her guardian murder a man. When the young girl becomes a teenager, her life starts to face a menacing entity that extracts an unknown nature from within.”



Main character (adopted daughter) – African American

Foster mother age 45 – Caucasian

Foster father age 48 – Caucasian

Foster sister age 17 – Caucasian

Foster brother age 16 – Caucasian

Psychologist age 48 – African American

Counselor age 42 – African American

  1. Friend of main character age 19 – African American



Manager age 34 (male)

Doctor age 50 (male) African American

Co-worker age 22 (female)

Old woman (spirit)

Age : 22-50

Please send resumes with headshot attached. Thank you

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