Audition Notice – Of Human Kindness, An Evening of Short Plays

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The Black Mirror Theatre will be holding non-equity auditions for the last program of its 2018 Season Of Human Kindness – An Evening of Short Plays

Mon., October 1, 7-9:30pm – Tue., October 2, 7-9pm, .ZACK – 2nd Floor Incubator.

Please bring a completed Audition form (BMT Audition Form) and a Recent Headshot / Resume.


For Questions or to make an Appointment, email us at

Please prepare a 1-1.5 minute dramatic monologue.  You will do a cold reading and be asked to sing a cappella the first verse of Silent Night. If interested in Breaths you will be asked to … well … breathe, once, with attitude. Plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your audition appointment – Auditions should take no more than 10 minutes.


December 6-8 and 13-15, 7pm – December 9 and 16, 2pm, Kranzberg Arts Center Black Box Theatre

The program consists of 11 pieces with the following direcctors:
Breaths (5 in all) + Isabella ‘Bomefree’ – Director – Dennis Corcoran
O Come, Emmanuel + Etchings + Human Kindness – Director – Madeline Finn
Letters from Mom and Dad – Director – Michelle Zielinski
Ravensbruck – Director – Brian J. Rolf


Discarded lives. Some bound by hate, some by indifference – all human. All true stories, true enough – informed by eye witnesses: the psychiatrist who spoke of his homeless clients’ longing to lead meaningful lives or by the homeless man who told of his need for validation; by the letters from Mom and Dad – advice on growing up Black in America, or of Saint Maria Skobtsova who had the Jewish children hidden in her trash emptied to freedom outside of the city – executed, among many others, in Ravensbruck; or of Isabella, Sojourner Truth, a Dutch speaker, beaten by her English owners for not obeying orders she couldn’t understand.   People, the same as us – every breath, the same as our own.  Lives of hardship yet touched, moved by acts of kindness, both given and received, each a ripple in a pond, a link in a chain – Of Human Kindness.

(Actors may be cast in multiple roles)

Breaths (Last, First, Compassion, Resolve, Hope) – 1F (adult)
Isabella ‘Bomefree’ (Sojourner Truth) – 4F, (African American, 1 child/young teen, 3 adults any age)

O Come, Emmanuel – 1M (adult, any age)
Etchings – 1M (same actor as in O Come, Emmanuel above), 1F (adult)
Human Kindness – 1M (same actor as above), remainder of cast are walk-on roles

Letters from Mom and Dad – 1M, 1F (African American, adults)

Ravensbruck – 4F (3 adults, 1 young teen), able to sing in a European/non-English language or with a European accent.

Resume (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

Headshot (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

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