Seeking adult female actors and male child actors for student short film DIAGNOSIS

Bomb Squad Films

Diagnosis is a student short film about a woman who finds out her son has been diagnosed with Autism, and how she learns to deal with that.

LEAD: Tanya (female, late 20s to late 30s.): The main character of the film. Tanya finds out her son, Jack, has Autism, and she learns to find the strength to face the challenges ahead of her.

SUPPORTING: Dr. Underwood (female, mid 40s to late 50s.): Dr. Underwood is the neurologist who diagnoses Jack with Autism, and answers’ Tanya’s questions about Autism. She is a colder type of a doctor, more focused on the numbers of these kinds of things.

SUPPORTING: Young Jack (male, 3-8). Young Jack is the Jack we see for the majority of the film. He is a young boy diagnosed with Autism. The role is mostly with Jack being unresponsive, with him more interested in his toy trains. But there is a scene where he has a very bad meltdown.

SUPPORTING: Older Jack (male, 9-12): Older Jack is the Jack we see at the end of the short. He is much more responsive to the world around him and he uses a text-to-speech device to communicate.

SUPPORTING: Nurse (female, mid 20s to mid 30s.) The nurse who calls Tanya and Jack to the doctor’s exam room. Two-line part.

Please submit headshot and resume for any of the adult roles above. Demo reels are a plus. We’ll schedule auditions after an initial phase.

For the child actor roles, please submit headshot and resume. Any examples of prior experience would be great as well. We’ll schedule auditions with them.

We hope to be shooting during Fridays and weekends throughout January and February. Starting in late February, exact dates not yet set.


Resume (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

Headshot (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

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