Auditions for Best Night of the Week (Workshop-Live Reading)

Auditions will be held Saturday, October 20th from 1pm-4pm at Utopia Studios for a Live Workshop-Reading of Best Night of the Week – an original Musical Comedy with Score by Dave Brandt and Directed and Choreographed by Kelley Brandt.  Auditions will be by appointment. The performance will be Sunday, November 18th 7pm at The Marcelle Theatre in the Kranzberg Arts Foundation complex downtown St. Louis.  A larger scale Spring 2019 St. Louis production and possible participation in the 2019 New York Musical Theater Festival is planned. There will be 2 weeks of rehearsals (Thursday 11/08 from 6pm-9pm, Friday, 11/09 from 6pm-10pm, Saturday, 11/10 from 12pm-4pm, Thursday 11/15 6pm-9pm, Friday, 11/16 from 6pm-10pm, Saturday, 11/17 from 12pm-4pm and Cast Call Sunday, November 18th at 10am).  We will rehearse (with breaks!) until performance at 7pm.

We are looking for a multi-cultural, diverse Cast.

Cast Breakdown:

Liam, A Reality TV Director and Host, good physical shape, British Accent, Rock Tenor sings G above middle C.

CJ, Can play 17, a wannabe Pop Star, Good Looking, Not Bright, Hip Hop Dance ability a Plus, Pop Tenor sings G above Middle C

Clarice, Twenty-something, Liam’s Personal Assistant, Belts Hi C

Joel, Twenty-something; laid back, a bit chubby, Josh Gad type, a Cameraman

Roy, Leader of the Canadian Supremacist Organization (CSO), 30s-Middle Aged, Rock Tenor sings High F

Rabbi – 30s on up, Jewish/Israeli accent, Sings D below Middle C

Cynthia  – 30s on up, TV Executive-Liam’s Boss, Confident and professional, sings to High B

Male/Female Ensemble who play multiple Speaking/Singing roles

This is  non-for profit event – tickets are free but are by invitation only and will be given to cast members as needed.

For an audition appointment please call Chaim at (314) 412-1964 or email  and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Resume (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

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