Seeking Male Actors for student drama shortfilm

Can't Help FILM, LLC

Looking for 2 male actors for the student short film Can’t Help.

LOGLINE: A glimpse into the lives of a young hustler and a recovering addict existing in a destructive relationship.

This film’s intent is to explore and challenge the notion of “right” and “wrong,” with themes of empathy and support.


EVAN (male, 18-21)

Heroin addict hustler

With his difficult adolescence and limited formal education, Evan tries to navigate the adult world but fails to understand the gravity of his situation and consequences that lay before him.

Reserved, strong-willed, takes time to trust

Has lived with Alpine for one year

Desire to improve but feels it’s useless

ALPINE (male, 50-60)

Evan’s guardian

With his own past and feelings of inadequacy, Alpine feels responsible to care for Evan and learns a new way to grapple with his situation.

Recovering addict, 20 years clean

Sensitive, caring, sentimental

Wants to guide Evan to a better life path


Filming dates are March 14th-15th and March 21st-22nd.

Please send your headshot, resume, and/or demo reel to

Feel free to contact us for more information.

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