Male Casting Call for City of Ghosts

"City of Ghosts"

Lucas, Aridan, Samuel

We are looking for St. Louis actors ages 14-18 who would be interested in auditioning for this mini webisode series, “City of Ghosts” We will ask for a tape audition with a monologue of your choice, and then we will have you do another one reading for one of the characters we might be considering you for.

Lucas: Main Character. Lucas is a humor character with toughness and a lot of swearing. He is the leader of the group, so he does a lot of the fighting scenes. He’s a complex character, as he is denying his dark inner thoughts, and spends most of the story trying to be the good person his friends believe he can be.

Aridan: Aridan is the main antagonist, the sole cause of the city being taken over. He is smooth, he is manipulative, and of course he is very evil. He specializes in getting into people’s heads, finding the most sincere pleasure not in physically torturing you but from finding what your biggest fears and weaknesses are and using them to crush you.

Samuel: Samuel is an awkward teen, sort of clumsy and quirky. Samuel is the realistic character, the one who responds to the world ending like any of us; with no clue what he is doing. He can’t fight, and he isn’t exactly well versed in the supernatural, but he provides some snark and plenty of laughs until he comes into his own and learns how to survive like the others. He has an amorous connection to Alyssa.

We are also looking for crew; people to help with cameras, stunts, hair and make up, drone filming. It is a student made film, so you understand that we won’t be able to offer any kind of pay. It is just a group of teenagers looking for actors for our web-series. We are in no way a legitimate organization. It is for ages 14 to 18 only! Auditions close March 25th. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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