Urgent Casting Call for Web Series

"City of Ghosts"

Ages 14-18, Urgent Casting Call


We are looking for actors for the Webisode Series; City of Ghosts.

Synopsis: The city has been overrun by spirits, and there are only four survivors. Hiding in the forest and fighting blood thirsty spirits hellbent on capturing them, the teenagers all share the same frightening dreams with the same frightening man; the man planning to use them as ingredients for a spell that might end everything and mark the beginning of a new era. And there are only four high-schoolers left to stop him.

We will ask for a recent headshot, resume, and a tape audition of you performing a dramatic monologue of your choice. If you make it to callbacks, we will have you do a callback tape reading a monologue for one of the characters we might be considering you for, and ask that you answer the mandatory questionnaire provided.  Right now we are looking for primarily female roles, but also have some male roles left to fill. We need respondents immediately to fill Hazel, one of our Protagonists, and Andrica, one of our Antagonists. (All stunt required roles will include working with Stunt Coordinators and Fight Scene Choreographers to help; experience is appreciated but not necessary)

Andrica: Andrica is a spirit who reports to Kelra, saddled with a doofus of a partner she is held responsible for. She is vicious in her craft and does a lot of the killing and getting her hands dirty. Although a fierce and ruthless soldier, she’s already angered Aridan once, and she can’t screw up again. This role requires intense stage fighting and stunts.

Hazel: Hazel is a teenager from back in the 20’s. She was hunted by Aridan before, and now she’s spent the past hundred years hiding from his spirits; an angry and vengeful ghost waiting to take Aridan down for good. The protagonists call her in hope of her help, and she helps them get what they need to take Aridan down. She’s an interesting character, as she is still a spirit. She, like every other ghost, have no remains of human emotion left in her other than anger and revenge. This is an Understudy role. This role has intense stunts and stage fighting.

Aridan: Aridan is the main antagonist, the sole cause of the city being taken over. He is smooth, he is manipulative, and of course he is very evil. He specializes in getting into people’s heads, finding the most sincere pleasure not in physically torturing you but from finding what your biggest fears and weaknesses are and using them to crush you. British accent preferred. This role has light stunts and stage fighting that will be taught.

Samuel: Samuel is an awkward teen, sort of clumsy and quirky. Samuel is the realistic character, the one who responds to the world ending like any of us; with no clue what he is doing. He can’t fight, and he isn’t exactly well versed in the supernatural, but he provides some snark and plenty of laughs until he comes into his own and learns how to survive like the others. He has an amorous connection to Alyssa. This is no longer an Understudy role! This role has light stunts and stage fighting.

Philisynth: Philisynth is a spirit working for Aridan, partner alongside Oligark. Philisynth gets killed in an ambush by the main characters. Speaking role. Role can be Male or Female. This role involves one stunt.

Spirits: We have multiple Spirit roles open. Some get scenes of screentime, some are only on for a second. All Spirit roles require learning stunts and stage fighting, previous experience is appreciated, but not required. A few have lines, but many are built for actors with busy schedules and commitment issues. Some will be working with weapons.

It is a teen-made film, so you understand that we won’t be able to offer any kind of pay. We are in no way a legitimate organization, nor are we with a school. It is for ages 14 to 18 only! Serious inquiries only, please and thank you. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us at cityofghostswebisodes@gmail.com, or contact the director at krissahosto@gmail.com


Additional: Crew

We are also needing crew members; anyone between the ages of 12 and 18 are welcome to join. Among the jobs we are looking for are people to help with cameras and mics, drone filming, stunts and training, or hair and make up. For any of these positions, we will be asking for you to submit a resume of any past projects you might have done or experience you have had, and a portfolio of past examples of your work. This is a project for teens to work hand in hand with other teens and to show us whatever talent you feel would be beneficial to bring to the table, whether it be one of the positions we mentioned, or something like animation, or prop management, or costume dept.

Feel free to contact us with questions.

Resume (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

Headshot (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

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