Indie Feature Film Casting – Main Cast

Derek Price - Filmmaker


Title: The Really, Really Scary “F” Movie That Nobody Ever SAW.


A crazy, extremely random story following a rag tag group’s misfit adventures.


1) STEVEN (Male; Lead Role; 25-35) – A bit of a nerd. He and Charley have been best friends since they were kids.

2) RAIN DROP (Female; Lead Role; 25-35) – A true independent, hard hitting woman who doesn’t take any crap. She and Charley dated in the past but it didn’t end well. Ever since then, she has had a major crush on Charley. Although her pride would never allow her to admit it.

3) ZELLORIA (Female; Supporting; 25-35) – A lust filled sex fiend. She can’t get enough of it. Especially when it comes to her brother Charley. She believes they are meant to be together and that their blood bond is prove of that.

4) KENNY (Male; Supporting; 25-35) – A different kind of nerd. A preppy guy. He struts around with his collar popped, knowing his problems are solved by his parents’ money.

5) SOPHIA (Female; Supporting; Blonde or Redhead; 30’s-40’s) – A classy, seductive yet sassy woman. Little is known about her. She is a mystery in the vast pool of corky characters.

6) PENIS (Female; Supporting; 25-35) – The provider of happy times. One cool Cat. Has been known to smoke with the best of them.

7) JOHNNY (Male; Supporting; 30’s-40’s) – A fairly innocent man in the wrong place at the wrong time. He doesn’t handle stress well and isn’t great at fitting in with crowds.

Production Type:
Feature Film; Independent

Run Time:

Negotiable; IMDB Credit & Food Provided; Expenses Covered as discussed.

Union Status:

Audition Information:
Open Auditions; Video Submissions

Shooting Schedule:
November 14th-20th

Filming Location:
Illinois & Missouri; Currently Scouting

Project Description:
Film will be submitted for distribution; entered into film festivals as well as shown on platforms such as YouTube & Vimeo; Marketed on Social Media Platforms such as Facebook & Twitter, etc.

Contact Information:
Derek Price


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