Casting Call for “Storage”

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Senior Overview

Casting Call for “Storage” October Fifth, 2018!

6 PM at the Media Commons in Sverdrup at Webster University!

Looking For:


An adult male mid forties.


Description: Vince is Allen’s step father and is married to his mother Erin. Vince dislikes Allen a lot, he looks at Allen as lazy. Vince is always  nice to Allen when Erin is around, but flips like a coin once Erin leaves the room.



A guy in his mid twenties.


Description: Allen is an uninspired college dropout whom still lives at home and freeloads food. His mom thinks Allen is at the brink of finding a job and becoming dependent. Vince thinks Allen is a worthless good for nothing.



A Woman in her late thirties.


Description: Erin is Allen’s mother and Vince’s wife. She married Vince to help pay for Allen’s college, but Allen dropped out. The two kind of depend on each other to provide a home, but Allen does not pull his weight. Erin forgives Allen for this.


Dead Storage Facility Worker:

Dead past step son of Vince


Description: This is a dead worker that was Vince’s step son from another relationship. He stalks Allen on his first day and inevitably leads Allen to Vince’s trap.


Scripts will be provided at the media commons day of. If you are interested, email me at

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