Seeking actors/actresses for a short film

dynamic Gardens Production

Production title: The Roll
Union / Non-Union: Non-Union
Production Type: Independent
Project length: Short Film (~10 minutes)
Project format: 16:9 HD
Production location: Missouri
Director: James McQueen
Shooting Location: TBD

LOGLINE: A female bowling team wins their league tournament, but, in order to afford the trip to nationals, they must win a ludicrous underground bowling match with their affluent rivals.



[MARIA] Female, 20-26 years, Lead / Hispanic

Description: Maria appears to be self-confident, but you can tell she’s exaggerating a bit. She uses a very aggressive personality to hide the fact that she has a significant doubt in her own abilities. She is not friendly but is loyal to her friends and compassionate to a fault. Maria is short-tempered and does not like it when people tell her she cannot do something. In fact, it is a personality trait that she will focus and do everything in her power to prove that person wrong. This is her superpower, so to speak.


[HELEN] Female, 20-26 years, Supporting / White

Thin and vaguely athletic, Helen comes from the boot heel of Missouri, hailing from a town no one has ever heard of. She has a soft southern Missouri lilt that causes people to underestimate her intelligence. In reality, she has an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and is working towards her Master’s and PhD in the same. She is overly analytical and level-headed, in comparison to Maria’s fiery personality.


[CHELSEA] Female, 20-26 years, Supporting / African American

African-American. Quiet and reserved, Chelsea comes from money, but never reveals this to her friends, and never takes money from her family, something she takes pride in. She is the most caring and kind of her friends, always placing their emotional well-being above her own. She is also the one with the most common sense, and always finds the errors or mistakes in someone else’s thinking.

[TAD] Male, 20-26 years, Supporting / White

He is the proto-typical prep school guy. His dad owns a dealership and has success, which he has always taken advantage of his entire life. Tad has no achievements he can share with the rest of the world past his insular Fraternity Brother life. He is arrogant, self-absorbed and very sensitive to what others think of him. But not in a compassionate way. He wants everyone to know how rich and powerful he is. In reality, he’s mostly broke and his father grudgingly help his son when he gets into trouble.


[CHAD] Male, 20-26 years, Supporting / White

[XANDER] Male, 20-26 years, Supporting / African American

Must send a copy of headshot and resume (demo reel if available).

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