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Theater Arts Instructor

Have you been searching for a technique that could help you laugh or cry or get angry on que? Do you find yourself “pushing” at times when you don’t feel the emotion required for the moment? I invite you to experience Alba Emoting/Alba Method.

Alba Emoting/Alba Method is a safe, purely physical alternative to psychological techniques such as emotional memory, for releasing, maintaining, and controlling emotional states in the rehearsal room, on stage, and on camera.

Participants in the Introductory Workshop will learn that Alba identifies six “basic” emotions from which all other emotions are derived: Joy, Fear, Sadness, Tenderness, Anger, and Erotic Love.

Each of these basic emotions, as well as emotional neutrality, has its own unique, identifiable set of bodily responses which are universal to all humans. By reproducing three aspects of these patterns — breathing, posture, and facial expression — anyone can experience and express genuine emotion at will without the use of memory or images.

Most important, using the seventh pattern called “Step-Out,” one can leave any emotion just as easily and return to psychophysical neutrality.

Alba Method is an excellent tool for an actor using any acting technique. Although clearly not all that is required for truthful acting, it is technical support for the actor’s mastery of his/her emotional instrument. It in no way replaces the actors’ creativity and imagination but supports it.

An Alba Method practitioner develops an emotional awareness with the ability to recognize specific emotional states in oneself and others and has also proven to be useful in all areas of a person’s life to enhance an overall emotional well-being.

Elizabeth has used this valuable technique in her work as an actor since 2001 and couldn’t do without it! Now she looks forward to introducing Alba Method to you.


WHERE:        Southampton Presbyterian Church – 4716 Macklind Ave, St. Louis, 63109

WHEN:          July 16 and July 18 – 7:00 to 9:00

FEE:               $25


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