The Haunted Pool- Musical

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CASTING CALL for Performance in Oct 2019


The Haunted Pool is the story of Umi, princess of Mephaire. The King of Mephaire has one strict command- don’t go to the Haunted Pool. Umi is a spirited young woman who has been preparing her whole life to be queen – but she can’t shake the feeling that her destiny lies elsewhere. Her natural curiosity overpowers her father’s rule, and her defiance makes her come face to face with the dreaded Lord of the Pool. The Lord of the Pool is her father’s greatest enemy; and once she discovers his secret, her world is forever changed. Will Umi discover her destiny? Or will she crumble and succumb to fear? Only time will tell!


Performance Dates:
Oct 18-31st (some of these dates may be subject to change/runs are typically 3-4 days for 2 weekends)

Those casted, will participate in fitness and music training (built into rehearsal schedule) as this originally written production is full of dance and song.


Umi, Princess of Mephaire
King Rejas, her father
Queen Samira, her mother
Kendi, her sister
Prince Suwelo, her betrothed

The Lord of the Pool
Sim, Leader of the Trimen
The Trimen
The People of Mephaire, – generals, citizens, etc.
Mama Asabe, our narrator

If interested in auditioning, interning with Encore! Theater Group, or other roles please email with ATTN: Haunted Pool interest. We will send you information with audition details or answer any specific questions.

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