Multiple Lead and Supporting Actors Needed For “THE HALL MONITOR” (To Shoot in 2022)

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Hello there! We need lead and supporting actors ready to film June 1st-22nd 2022 for “The Hall Monitor”. These roles are paid roles which will be TBD but all Lead and Supporting characters will be getting a paycheck, that is 100% guaranteed. Auditions will be open call in-person auditions. Anyone can show up and audition BUT if you call in to secure a slot, you will have priority. Auditions will be held at Utopia Studios (Address 3957 Park Ave. St. Louis, MO)  September 25th from 4-7. Deadline for securing an audition will be September 24th at 9PM.

*Please note: All participants of the film will need to be fully vaccinated before June 2022 and, if casted, will be signing an agreement to that.

Here is the plot of the film-

“All Drew Miller wanted was to start things off right in his new school. In just under a month, he makes an enemy out of the school bully, embarrasses himself in front of the whole school, and has been put on five weeks of a punishment straight out of the 90’s called the “Hall Patrol Program”. But there may be hope for him yet as he befriends a janitor with an interesting past who may be the key to Drew unlocking potential he never knew he had, skills that just may be enough to fight back against tech tycoon Fatima Phoenix (and her bumbling security) who want to drain the financially-failing district of its funding and set up new businesses. Action, laughs, and a little detective work are what follow as Drew and his friends work together to take down the tycoon and any other sinister plot they may discover…”

Believe you me, when we say “Detective work”, we mean it. This throws kids into an adult’s corrupt game and they only have limited time to try to save their school.

Here are the roles we are needing to cast:

Principal Kevin Burlison 

Age: 29-50

Ethnicity: African-American

Character Traits: Stern, warm-hearted, no-nonsense, leader, will stand up for his students, tough, fair

Bio:  Kevin Burlison is a man with a firm hand and a warm heart. He will do whatever he believes is best for his students and will protect them AND his staff at all costs. However, he does tend to stand by ideals that much of the district does not really see eye to eye with him on.



Age: 25-38

Character traits: Tough, abrasive, chip on his shoulder, country, southern, the “Harry” of Fatima Phoenix’s operation to Ben’s “Marv”, tall, intimidating, overconfident

Bio: Kolt is one of Fatima Phoenix’s personal security guards who is a bit too good at his job. To him, any obstacle is something that needs to be dealt with brutally. A tall man with redneck roots, Kolt is physically imposing on those who dare to challenge him, and is increasingly vengeful on those who even question him.


Fatima Phoenix

Age: 25-35

Ethnicity: Pakistani/Indian/Persian/African-American

Traits: Firm, somewhat-fair, has major backbone; headstrong; strong work ethic; business-oriented; somewhat antagonistic

Bio: Fatima Phoenix started from the ground up to become CEO of PhoenixEnergy Corp. and it was not easy. She was a POC who, unfortunately, was judged based on her ethnicity rather her skill. However, she fought fiercely to get where she is now which is owning own technology chain predicted to rival that of Apple and Microsoft. The business, while successful, is still in its early stages and Phoenix always tries to do what she believes is best for her company…even if it means obtaining pieces of land which USED to be the school district. Phoenix often hates the necessary evils of her position but sees them as expected and has trained herself to easily brush them off.  If there’s one thing she won’t tolerate, it’s people who challenge her authority, especially when they are wrong…



Aunt Margaret

Age: 23-30

Traits: Fun-loving, cool aunt, understands kids but knows when to be a guardian, is Drew’s guardian while his parents are away doing photography

Bio: Aunt Margaret was a major partier in her day and also has been on the controlling parent end of things so she doesn’t try to be a parent to her nephew and more of the fun aunt. She is quick to help Drew with his issues and fully supports his stint as The Hall Monitor

Good luck everyone! To schedule an audition, please call 5739440636! Thank you!

-Kevin L. Coffman, producer.


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