**URGENT** 21+ year old Male needed for Independent Superhero Film

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Title of Film: RAVE

Plot: In Don Lee City, Elaine Morgan is trying to break into the Electronic Music scene and hopefully score a deal with EDM record label Locust Inc. As her success begins, Elaine begins to discover that life as a female EDM artist isn’t what she thought as she uncovers the danger that happens at a show when nobody is looking as well as the true corruption of the industry., especially after saving a girl from being raped. To prevent exploitation, Elaine becomes RAVE, a vigilante who protects the local streets, clubs, and concert venues from troublemakers and domestic terrorists. However, Elaine will soon be put to the test when she faces the Dubster: A disgruntled high tech villain with a score to settle and he refuses to let anyone stand in his way…


Description: Dan Wells is the true villain of the film and is very much a real life villain of today’s society. He is the talent buyer of promotion company “Locust Inc.” On the outside, Wells is an Eddie Haskell figure who kisses up to the right people but treats those below him like crap which, in turn, leads to a tragedy which results in the creation of the Dubster. Wells becomes more corrupt as the film progresses and serves as an antagonist to Elaine Morgan and her alter ego, RAVE.

Ethnicity: Any

Requirements: Must be able to act tough but have a sinister side (don’t overdo it though)

Must be available May 10-12, May 17-19th- IMPORTANT

Must be able to take constructive criticism (previous actor stormed out because he could not take direction)


Below are audition lines. Record a vid of you auditioning and send to 573-944-0636 or theofficialrezr@gmail.com


Line 1:  “Hook’s got the skills to go all the way in this industry. I’m talking major collabs, festivals, this guy’s the next Marshmello… ”

Line 2: “Like the reputation of a song is justgonna go up when it’s made by a twelve year old kid. Put a hot little bitch like her in front of it, it’ll skyrocket.”

Line 3: “You know criminals around here. Once Rave takes down the Dubster, they’re gonna escalate. Next thing you know…we’re gonna get a bunch of bozos with superpowers around here. As much as we’d like to be rid of her, as much as we can’t afford her as a liability, we need her to protect all this, to protect us.”

Line 4: “Just move the money from the fund into our account, not all of it though. I don’t want Elaine bitching to me about this.”

If you have any questions please contact me directly at 573-944-0636. We urgently need this as we have a deadline



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