20+ year old Male needed for Independent Superhero Film **URGENT CALL**

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Title of film: RAVE

Plot: In St. Louis, Elaine Morgan is trying to break into the Electronic Music scene and hopefully score a deal with EDM record label Locust Inc. As her success begins, Elaine begins to discover that life as a female EDM artist isn’t what she thought as she uncovers the danger that happens at a show when nobody is looking as well as the true corruption of the industry., especially after saving a girl from being raped. To prevent exploitation, Elaine becomes RAVE, a vigilante who protects the local streets, clubs, and concert venues from troublemakers and domestic terrorists. However, Elaine will  soon be put to the test when she faces the Dubster: A disgruntled high tech villain with a score to settle and he refuses to let anyone stand in his way…

Role: Jeremy Berenstein

Description: Jeremy Bernstein is the CEO of Locust Inc, a fairly new promotion company in St. Louis, MO. Like Senior Promotion Agent Dan Wells, Jeremy will do anything to make his business money, even going as far as plagiarism. While more restricted than Dan in his rudeness and personal knack for enemy-making, Jeremy is just as cold-blooded but carries himself with a more distinguished flair as all shitty managers do. In the public eye, he aspires to make money and become a mogul. In terms of restriction, think about the difference between Jerome and Jeremiah Valeska from Gotham. Both share psychotic tendencies though Jerome was wild, violent, and zany where Jeremiah is calm and restricted yet cold-blooded nonetheless. Jeremy and Dan are not psychotic but this gives an example of character contrast.

Qualifications: MUST be available on Saturday, November 10th as well as available for 2019 filming dates.

Ethnicity: N/A

Audition Lines:

“Let’s face it, Elaine. We gave you everything. That song, Fame, Money…strip all that away and what do you got? Nothing. Without us, you’d be nobody. Just a random bitch off the street.”

“Throw your morals aside, Elaine. Some of the greats have had ghosted tracks before. It’s not bad. It just helps them stay afloat. And they usually pay a pretty penny for it. We, at Locust, are giving it to you. What do you say, Elaine?”

“With her running around, our people will feel safe coming back. Also…we get a female face to go with our name, we bring back the females. I don’t want this rape thing blowing up on Twitter. The way people are about that shit today, that’ll ruin us for sure.”

If  you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 573-944-0636 or theofficialrezr@gmail.com

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