URGENT CALL: 18-25 year old Actor wanted for Comedic Villain Role in Indie Superhero Film “RAVE”

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Title of Film: RAVE

Plot: In St. Louis, Elaine Morgan is trying to break into the Electronic Music scene and hopefully score a deal with EDM record label Locust Inc. As her success begins, Elaine begins to discover that life as a female EDM artist isn’t what she thought as she uncovers the danger that happens at a show when nobody is looking as well as the true corruption of the industry., especially after saving a girl from being raped. Tired of similar injustice at concert venues, Elaine becomes RAVE, a vigilante who protects the local streets, clubs, and concert venues from troublemakers and domestic terrorists. However, Elaine will  soon be put to the test when she faces the Dubster: A disgruntled high tech villain with a score to settle and he refuses to let anyone stand in his way…

Role: Larry Freeman/Lazer Larry

Description: Larry is a heavyset villain with a threatening Laser Gun but not really a threat as far as his name and costume goes. Imagine a LARPer but with a cheap costume that looks more like blue pajamas. He initially begins as a Locust Intern but shows up towards the end of the film to do battle with Rave. (Will give more info on motivation if casted due to film secrecy)


-Stockiness preferred though all submissions will be reviewed equally

-Must be able to act over-the-top (though not Jim Carrey over the top but slightly on the border when the villain)

– Actor must be comedic and use this to his advantage

– Any ethnicity is welcomed for the role

-LARP players, Comic-Con goers, a plus! Anyone who can make their own outfit!

Send all submissions to: theofficialrezr@gmail.com

For more information please email Director Kevin Coffman at the e-mail address provided or call at 573-944-0636

Audition Lines:

Line 1: Larry Freeman is no more…I am your nemesis, your enemy, you may call me…LAZER Larry!

Line 2: What’s the matter??! Too much of a girl to take me on??

Line 3: (pre-Lazer Larry) I don’t know anything, I swear!

Line 4: (pre-Lazer Larry) Hey! You’re that RAVE girl right? (starstruck) W…What are you doing in broad daylight??


RAVE is expected to release July 25th. Thank you for your time and talent!

Resume (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

Headshot (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

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