Casting Call for Final SHINDIG, A COLLEGE COMEDY!

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Logline: Ray and Cameron just threw the biggest party in KAPPA ALPHA GAMMA history and are all but assured to become the most popular kids in school, that is until they receive a message from their professor. They’re going to need all their resources to find a way to escape expulsion.


Cameron (Co-Lead)

Gender: Male

Age: 20’s

Ethnicity: Any

Cameron is a super dumb and extremely fun frat guy with not a care in the world. He loves to party, flirt and drink. Studies are his last concern and he has a hard time understanding the seriousness of the situation he is in.


Meister (Supporting)

Gender: Male

Age: Late 20’s – Early 30’s

Ethnicity: Any

Appearance: with medium to long beard

Meister is the famous super senior/slacker on campus. He is known for his crazy antics and the quality of his mary jane collection. He has a sort of legendary status on campus but no one knows exactly how that came to be.


Professor Meyers (Supporting)

Gender: Male

Age: 40’s – 50’s

Ethnicity: Any

Professor Meyers is one of the most respected professors in the university. He is known for rigorous class curriculum and his strict rules for discipline.


Amit (Supporting)

Gender: Male

Age: 20’s,

Ethnicity: Indian/South Asian/ Mix

Amit is Ray’s cousin. He is a well-established software engineer working in the digital education industry. Proper and respectful to his elders. He is a studious guy that performed well in school.


Carl (Supporting)

Gender: Male

Age: 20’s – 30’s

Ethnicity: Any

Carl is a janitor who is serious about his job. He dreads working at a university and is fed up with the shenanigans of the students.


Pay: Meal, Digital copy of film, IMDB Credit, negotiable pay



Please email the Final Shindig team with your resume/CV, headshot, demo reel/Performance clips to Video auditions accepted, sides will be provided after the initial screening.

Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you.

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