“Victim” Role Players for Emergency Response Training

First Responder Training

Providing training exercise support for first responders.

Would you like to have fun, meet new people, and play an important role in life-saving training?

We are seeking volunteer actors to participate as role players in training scenarios for first responders.

This is NOT filming for video productions; these are live training exercises for emergency responders. (Pictures and videos are usually taken, for the supervisors to document the exercise and review things with the training participants.) There are no scripts or exact lines; just whatever improv that role players can come up with to portray the character they are given. (We will give you information and instructions/guidance on how you would be affected and how you should act.) Crying, afraid, angry, annoying, in pain from an injury, quiet and in shock, unconscious, etc… There is a wide range of behaviors, depending on your role and the scenario.

There are opportunities for role players in multiple exercises throughout the year. These include disaster response scenarios for civilian CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) trainees, mass-casualty incident scenarios for EMS, and police scenarios.

Most are for a few hours on a Saturday or Sunday morning or afternoon. There are occasional events on a weekday, hours ranging between 7 AM to 5 PM (exact days and times vary depending on each specific exercise).

In many cases, Moulage (realistic injury makeup effects) and stage blood are used to give role players a wide variety of “injuries” – ranging from minor to severe/life-threatening – for responders to assess and provide simulated “treatment”. NOT being squeamish/sensitive to blood and gore is helpful!! We do not have to make you the most seriously injured gory victim if you don’t want, but you will be seeing those things around you.

In most cases in the disaster response exercises, we welcome kids as young as 10 years old, as long as they can behave and follow directions! We require them to have a parent/responsible adult on site with them. Some events require role players to be 16 and older, and some do not allow minors under 18. This varies depending on the specific event and supervisor/coordinator.

In most cases, we welcome people of all physical abilities! If anyone has a real injury or medical condition, we will take appropriate precautions/safety measures. (Some sites may not be wheelchair/handicap accessible, but that varies depending on the specific exercise location.)

We also LOVE role players who know foreign languages, to add extra challenges to some scenarios! (Fluent proficiency isn’t required; enough knowledge to hold a basic conversation relating to the injury/event is sufficient.) We have had Spanish, French, German, Arabic, and American Sign Language so far. We always welcome more of those, or any other language too!

Anyone who is interested in participating should contact our role player coordinator, Taylor, at twilmering@live.com to be placed on the notification list for events.

We have an immediate opportunity coming up:

CERT disaster response exercise
WHEN: Role players arrive around noon – 12:30, and it will conclude around 5:30 PM.
WHERE: St. Charles, MO. (If you are able to participate, Taylor will give you the specific location.)
AGES: Kids who are 12 years and older are welcome, as long as they have a parent present on site with them during the exercise. Not necessarily participating along with them (unless you want to – we would appreciate it!), but somewhere on site so they are not alone.

This is a training exercise for members of the CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) program. CERT members are civilians trained in disaster preparedness, search & rescue, and first aid. The scenario will be a simulated natural disasters (tornado or earthquake), and role players will be “injured victims” who are placed in the “disaster area” for CERT responders to search for and provide simulated medical care (bandages, splints, etc). Moulage (realistic injury makeup) and stage blood will be used to give the role players “injuries” for the responders to assess and treat.

If you are able to participate, contact Taylor at twilmering@live.com. The supervisors need an accurate count of role player volunteers, so you MUST contact Taylor to be put on the list!

And if you are NOT able to participate in this event, BUT are interested in being notified about future events, also contact Taylor.

These exercises are valuable training for the responders, an important learning experience for them, and a unique and interesting experience for the role players. (We take our tasks seriously, but there is also plenty of fun, morbid humor, and laughter!) Thank you for being willing to help our responders train!


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