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FRT only produces new work by Midwest playwrights

First Run Theatre produces only new plays by Midwest playwrights, which have not previously been performed. We receive too many scripts to perform all of them, so we need outside help to in the selection process. Scripts of plays of any length are submitted by email or the group’s web site, over a period of one year, including musicals.

FRT’s procedures require that these plays are read and evaluated by a reading committee which is an independent body from the FRT board, although there is one board member that liaises with the group.  The reading committee then makes recommendations as to which plays should be shortlisted for the reading festival, which takes place early in the year.  There are usually about 6 plays presented at the reading festival. Feedback from the discussions immediately following the readings, and on the provided assessment forms is evaluated, which the board uses to make a final decision as to which plays to produce.

In the case of the Spectrum short play festival, recommendations are made directly to the board.

We now need members for the reading committee. Typically  committee members will need to read between twelve and thirty plays varying between pieces of ten minutes or less, and full three act dramas.  The period to evaluate is typically several months, with regular meetings during which the committee comes up with a consensus recommendation for plays to go to the reading festival.

No qualifications or formal experience is needed; writers’, directors’,  actors’ and regular theatergoers’ opinions are all useful, though playwrights submitting material in that year, may not serve on the reading committee for their own work.

To apply, please email with a short note of your interest by 23rd March.  Resumes may be submitted, if desired. These are volunteer positions.

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