Handle With Care

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Florida Studio Theatre, Richard Hopkins Producing Artistic Director, is seeking self-submissions of strong actors (we will request video auditions from selected actors) for the following show/roles in the 2019-20 season:


Handle with Care

Written by Jason Odell Williams, Hebrew written by Charlotte Cohn


“A young woman from Israel, Ayelet, reluctantly joins her grandmother on a trip to the United States. Circumstances both absurd and tragic bring Ayelet, who has little command of the English language, together with Josh, a young American man who has little command of romance, on Christmas Eve. Is their inevitable love an accident…or is it destiny, generations in the making?”

Ayelet (“ay-EL-et”) – Female. Thirties. Israeli. Beautiful, lovely, but has lost her smile. Wounded by a break-up last year, but not quick to cry. Practical. Focused. Searching for more from life but afraid to admit it.


Terrence – Male. Thirites. American. Virginia accent. Works as a delivery guy for DHX. Kind of a screw-up, but very well-meaning. Not an idiot, just not worldly. A solid good-guy. Funny without meaning to be.


Josh – Male. Thirties. American. Handsome. Has an innate charming-shy-funny way about him. Tends to talk quickly, words tumbling out when he’s nervous. Used to be an English Lit teacher at Virginia Tech, but quit after his wife died. Though wounded by his loss, he doesn’t like to dwell on the emotion and never becomes overly weepy when talking about her.


Edna – Female. Mid-to-late seventies. Israeli. Ayelet’s grandmother. Loves life. Loves to smile. A ball of vitality, vigor, and energy.  Looking for an actress in her 50’s to play this role


Director: Jason Cannon

Begins rehearsal:  November 19, 2019
Show opens: December 13, 2019
Show closes: March 8, 2020 (possible extension through March 15).

If you would like to be considered to submit a video audition, please email photo and resume by September 10 to:


James Ashford

Casting & Hiring Associate

Florida Studio Theatre

EMAIL – casting@floridastudiotheatre.org

WEBSITE – www.floridastudiotheatre.org


If you are selected to submit a video audition, we will email you the sides to record and instructions.


Florida Studio Theatre is an established LORT D, Equity regional theatre in Sarasota, FL. Great artistic environment, Equity Contract with competitive, negotiable salaries.


Florida Studio Theatre recognizes and appreciates the benefits of diversity in the work place.  People who share this belief or reflect a diverse background are encouraged to apply.

Resume (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

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