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Casting for short film. Non-union. Shoot dates are TBD (early June) and payment TBD.

Auditions will be held 10-4p on Saturday 4/13. If interested, please send headshot, resume, and a taped 1 minute dramatic monologue (OPTIONAL) to:

For more information on the film, be sure to visit the official sit: and review this brief teaser:

Please do not send audition materials or audition questions via the contact form on the site. Use ‘areyoualrightthemovie@gmail. com’ to express interest.

Subject line should read ATTN: Submission for ARE YOU ALRIGHT?



A surreal dramatic short centered around workplace depression, economic angst, and the stigma that leads to the undiagnosed mental health issues facing today’s workforce.

A cautionary tale about seeking help, and the struggle of giving in to your darkest desires, whether they are due to systematic mental oppression, or personal complications. It is a film about the psychological prison that one may find themselves in when they are secluded, and allow these feelings to go unchecked. Most importantly, it’s a film about seeking out help.

Roles needed to be cast:

DAWN (mid-20s to mid-30s)
Open casting—any race, ethnicity, or background. Female. Moderately attractive.
Dawn is co-worker of Wallace’s. The two haven’t worked with each other long, but they’ve hit it off as friends fairly quickly. There is no explicit romance between them, however Wallace clearly thinks fondly of Dawn. Completely up to interpretation, but one read could be that Wallace has a slight crush on her, but does not take any actions towards this at all.

DANIEL (late 40s to mid-60s, script calls for 40s, but open to older)
Open casting—any race, ethnicity, or background. Male. Looking for confident, put together, and cold detachment.
Daniel is Wallace’s psychologist from a future after the core events of the film. Once Wallace has been asked if “he’s alright” this is his first step towards getting alright. Daniel is good at the work that he does, hence him being an expensive specialist, however he is a bit cold, professional, and intimidating to Wallace.


JOE (early-to-mid 30s)
Open casting—any race, ethnicity, or background.
Joe is Wallace’s supervisor and the “head honcho sales guru” at Janus Technologies. Joe is the quintessential irritating boss (way too chipper for comfort, uncomfortably “bro-y,” but a damn good salesman). He puts Janus first in his life and expects his direct-reports to do the same. He’s clearly schmoozed his way to the top.