The Horror Film “A Cannibal In The Night” is looking for Lead Roles

Francisco Jimenez

The Horror film “A Cannibal In The Night” is looking for lead roles.

Synopsis: A couple goes looking for a missing family member and ends up finding the house of a cannibalistic serial killer

The film is looking to film in mid to late October and auditions will be hosted in the following weekends, please contact us for more specific information.


Kathryn(18-26) is a strong and determined young woman who is so determined to find her husband that she overlooks Jerome’s creepiness.

Henry(18-26) is naive young man married to Kathryn and very impulsive. He doesn’t think things out very well.

Jerome(40’s) is one creepy bastard. He’s 40 and loves eating human flesh while wearing a care bear crop top. We’d need someone who’d be good at portraying his creepiness but still maintain his sense of humor.

Please make sure to attach headshots and resumes to the inquires.

Please email for any inquires or questions about the audition.