Luxary Durags


Luxary Durags 💯 custom made

Hello, I’m Mrs.Azira Alvarez and our company IDDO LLC is having a Be-blessed Fashion Luxary Durag fundraiser! 100 Luxary Durags custom made for you’re everyday occasion. And it is for a good cause.Helping-young women and men who we’re  assaulted. The Luxary Durag comes in any color s/m/l sizes.
And you also, can order other statement pieces such as, bonnets, scarfs, turbans etc. this is fashion of LA and NYC come be apart of our fundraiser! First 50 clients that reach out get a small gift bag with either a 15% off of their purchase of original price or a statement clothing piece! And this is for a good cause remember our young debutante virtuous women who we at IDDO LLC. Thrive on, fashion for edgy, virtuous-confident women! For inquiries reach

or Http://

thanks so much, look forward to hearing from you! Looking for intern assistance as well. Dm: on instagram for inquiries.Thanks again, Mrs.Alvarez

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