Ignite is hiring a Set Designer and Builder for Elf The Musical

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Ignite is urgently hiring an experienced set designer and builder to participate in our production of Elf The Musical; set to perform at The Grandel Theater December 13-18, 2022. Load-in and set build starts December 5, 2022, Tech week is December 5 -12, 2022.

Purpose of Position: Create and build a set for the winter mainstage production of Elf The Musical, while serving in a leadership position with student staff.

Collective Goals for position:

  • To have fun and develop imagination and creativity.
  • Give student staff a general understanding of set design and construction.
  • Run a well-organized set build and strike.
  • Work within a budget utilizing as many materials currently on hand.
  • Exhibit Characteristics of: creativity, responsibility, patience, dependability, and maturity; be a self-starter and a team player with a positive attitude

Duties Include but are not limited to:

  • Collaborate with the director to design the layout and look of the set using pencil sketches and software.
  • Work with the costume, prop, make-up, lighting, and camera crews to confirm set details.
  • Coordinate with Director of Production and Operations regarding budget, ordering of materials, U-Haul rental, and theater specifications.
  • Negotiate with vendors to secure the best deals.
  • Drive U-Haul to and from theater with needed set materials.
  • Supervise set construction.
  • Organize and delegate jobs to volunteers.
  • Quality assurance on all aspects of the set.
  • Brief crew and actors on set safety and also explaining how the set operates.
  • Mentor a student staff member, including them in all the stages of the design and build process.

Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Excellent creative intelligence and time management skills.
  • A good eye for detail and the ability to generate ideas.
  • Deadline-driven and committed.
  • Ignite prioritizes applicants who can confidently demonstrate an understanding of scenic design, and are able to ensure the timely execution of that scenic design. Applicants with a dependable knowledge of carpentry would be highly prioritized.


  • A dependable vehicle or other mode of transport.
  • Ability to lift up-to-50lbs.
  • Willingness to coordinate with Ignite vendors/contractors.
  • Proven understanding of scenic design and an ability to communicate design elements in a visual way.
  • Proven understanding of carpentry.
  • Ability to coordinate with Ignite’s Staff & identify performance/equipment needs.
  • Ability to work with children of all ages and their families.
  • Must pass a background check.
  • If hired, attend one training session prior to production. Training sessions will be held at a mutually agreeable date. This training session is mandatory.
  • A “yes-and” attitude!
    *Please note, we are a nonprofit theatre and have limited financial resources. We offer a stipend to contractors and listed pay is negotiable. Pay will vary by production.

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