Actors Wanted for Slasher Horror Film

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SHOOT to start in February

Non Union //// Paid Gig

Character Roles:

The Killer- Serial Killer that has the city in a grip of fear. (Your head must fit the mask.) Athletic.

Patrick- Lazy loaf and kind of a nerd. (20’s)

Betty- Wild and a woman with a stern mind and a big mouth. (Late Teen 18-19)

Grandpa- Old man set in his ways and retired living with is daughter and family. (60’s)

Mom- Over worked and no appreciation. (40’s)

Karen Bushy- News reporter looking for her big break.

Cameraman- Flunky to who ever he is working for but an insightful man.

Amanda- Friend to Karen. Another head strong modern woman with a big mouth.

Tommy- Boyfriend to Betty and works as a grease monkey. Not to bright. (20’s)

Bobby- Friend to Patrick. Voice talent

Dispatcher- Ranger Office dispatcher- Sarcastic and a prankster. (female)Voice Talent.

Lt. Holt- Officer on crime scene. Stiff and robot like in nature.

Mistress Blood- Television show actress on skit. Mad doctor in laboratory with a seductive look.

Jeremy- Friend to Patrick. Voice Talent.
Mr. Peterson- Tommy’s boss. Voice Talent
Sue- Betty’s friend. Voice Talent.
Station Announcer- Voice Talent.
News Narrator- Stern voice. Voice Talent.
Caller 1-15- Callers for radio show. Voice Talent.

Dr. Hills- Voice Talent

Sam Wyndoes- Voice Talent

Please send resume and photo. Video auditions are welcome and professional reels preferred but not necessary. Send to

Resume (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

Headshot (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

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