Actors for Paid, In-Person, Socially Distanced Shows

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Professional Actors Needed to perform in-person comedic dinner theater shows in and around St. Louis, MO.

Jest Murder Mystery Company has been performing very funny interactive dinner theater shows all over the country since 1999. We now have troupes in 16 different cities, and we are looking for more funny people to join our team. We want these shows to be excellent, so we bring on only the most talented actors and we pay them well.

Requirements and skills:

Must be outgoing, personable and have excellent comedic timing. Improvisational skills a plus.
Must be able to comprehend, memorize and perform a script on your own.
Must work well with others and be flexible with clients and acting partners
Must be a professional at all times and in all situations.
Prior stage experience required, and you must be at least 21 years old
Must be extremely reliable (no matter what happens, the show must go on…no matter what)
Must be have good availability on Friday and Saturday evenings and some weeknights (usually plenty of prior notice given).
Must be able to provide your own costumes. Jest approval required.
Some shows will require travel which will result in additional pay.
Self-starters and go-getters do well in our company.
Must own a reliable vehicle.
We are looking for STAGE ACTORS.

For more information about us, (from our actor’s point of view), check out this video at or visit

Current Covid19 Policy for Actors:

Jest Actors are expected to wear face coverings (either masks or shields) during our shows and should work to keep a distance of at least 6ft away from all audience members and staff until it is no longer necessary.

If the client tells you that you do not need to wear a face covering. You can remove yours if you feel comfortable doing so at your own risk. If you do not want to remove it, that is fine, just explain your position to the client in a nice way. Jest will not ask you to do anything that you are not comfortable doing.

All re-usable show materials need to either be disinfected immediately after or need to go into quarantine for at least 3 days after each performance to ensure that they are safe to use for the next show.

Please wash your hands and use hand-sanitizer often.

If you have a show coming up and are experiencing Covid-19 symptoms (, let Jest know immediately and go get tested. If you have the virus, we will work to get another actor booked in your place or will cancel the event. Do not try to perform your show if you have or think you might have Covid-19!

We are recommending that all audience members, clients and actors adhere to any local and state guidelines such as maintaining at least 6ft between tables and asking guests to wear masks except when eating and drinking, etc. Because we are a national company, our policies will need to be flexible and will vary depending on the location and needs of each show. We will work to communicate with each event organizer to find solutions that will work for their individual event.


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