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Hello all screenplay writers,

My name is Chad Bockholdt.  I am a local St. Louis actor, producer and writer.  I am working with Derek Elz.  He is a director and a director of photography.  We have worked on several movie together (google search).  We would love to receive some interesting screenplays that we can put on the small/big screen or big/small screens.  I also have a screenplay that I started but have not had time to complete this screenplay- maybe I can get some support to finish this screenplay.  We are looking for shorts- think 15-45 pages- we would love to be able to film in a couple of weekends.  We  love the artistic process and would want the screenplay writer involved in the filming process.  Now the important stuff: There is no pay, but copy, credit and food on the set.  If you are interested, please respond back to this post with your screenplay.  We are passionate about the process of filming and run a pretty fun set.



Chad Bockholdt



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