Evade (Post-Apocalyptic Film Casting Call)

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Project Title: Evade (Short Film)

Short Description: Post-Apocalypse world-wide spread of a mutation virus causes to wipe out almost all of humanity but a couple of survivors trying to survive through a world of chaos. The survivors are being attacked by mutated life forces across the wasteland as they seek for a safe-haven, safe from mutations and violent beings but the survivors need to come together in order for their own survival against the mutation and the Government! Link for movie project will be posted below. Note: This is a non-pay project but food will be provided, IMDB credit, DVD copy or digital copy when released. (Will enter to film festivals). Our in person auditions are on March 17th. Video auditions will be accepted until March 29th.

Roles for Auditions:


Adam – Male Age (21-35) Physically fit, Active, Militaristic, Athletic, Intellegent, Super Strength, lone wolf(fighting experience preferred but not a deal breaker)
Mya: Female Age (21-35) Charming, smart, scared but a fighter, survivalist, no stranger to the wasteland.
Nick: Male Age (12-16) Quiet kid, scared for life.

Dave: Male Age (28-45) Father-like figure, cautious, will fight if needed.
The Administrator – Male Age (35-60) Military background, Government mindset, take over the world mindset, Commander and Chief.
Super Soldiers 1,2,3- 2 Males, 1 Female Ages (21-35) Physically Fit, Active, Militaristic, Athletic, Strong.
Scientist 1: Male (28-45) Smart, sketchy, crazy scientist-like, nerdy.
Scientist 2: Male or Female (28-45) Smart, nervous, follows Scientist 1, nerdy.
Guards: Male and Female All ages from 21 and up. Military, Security, fighting.
Mutants – Male and Female (All ages from 18 and up) Fast zombie-like creatures, fx makeup, fast, loud, mean, chaotic.

If interested please email us at djc.filmz@gmail.com or kevineatonfilms@gmail.com or comment below for interests. We are doing video submissions and Sunday March 17th are in person auditions will be held in Belleville, IL. Location will be provided to those interested in coming to audition. Project Link>>>https://www.facebook.com/evademovie/?modal=admin_todo_tour

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