Auditions for “Two Witches, No Waiting” at KTK Productions



KTK Productions presents “Two Witches, No Waiting” Oct. 14-17 and 21-23, 2022 at St. John the Baptist Gymnasium, 4200 Delor Street, St. Louis, Mo. 63116.

Directed by: Darrious Varner

Auditions are Monday, August 22, 2022, and Thursday August 25, 2022 at St. John the Baptist. For appointments, please email

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.


“Two Witches, No Waiting” is a spooky comedy written by Pat Cook. The story takes place in South Texas where the friendly, yet eccentric Arlene Marcus and her sister Elzbeth, live in their family home. Their eccentricities have garnered rumors that the sisters are witches! A rumor furthered by the sudden disappearance of their housekeeper Opal Dunn. While the investigation is underway, Arlene’s son Jeremy, is attempting to quell the rumors by having the sisters sell their house to Eustace Sternwood, his fiance’s father. Why is Eustace so interested in the property to begin with? Along comes the new housekeeper (and possible spy), Bonnie, who may also be capturing Jeremy’s heart. Chaos ensues and it’s up to you to decide, are these sweet, yet mysterious ladies witches? Or are they just misunderstood?


Arlene Marcus – An easy going older woman. Headstrong and assertive. Late 50’s – 60’s

Elzabeth – Arlene’s younger sister. The more eccentric of the two. Quick witted, if not a little spacey. Late 40’s to early 50’s

Opal Dunn/Lila Dunn – The sister’s housekeeper. Paranoid. 25-30

Jeremy Marcus – Arlene’s son. Trying to keep the facade of normalcy over his mother and aunt. Tightly wound, but means well. 30’s

Bonnie Webster – The new housekeeper. Has a secret, but is hiding it well with sweetness. 20’s-30’s

Sheriff Jeb Abercrombie – Excitable older man. Just trying to help solve the mystery behind Opal’s disappearance. 50’s-60’s

Kit Sternwood – Jeremy’s fiance. Spoiled and pompous. 20’s-30’s

Eustace Sternwood – A pushy businessman. Equally as pompous as his daughter. 50’s-60’s

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