Looking for actors, for a student filmed Web Series

Lady B Media Productions

Love me or Leave me is a web series written and will be directed and filmed by Brandy Lawhorn under the production company of LadyB Media Productions. There will be a three episode pilot of the series that could lead into a whole season with potential to an added cast. This is a student project and would help me with my capstone/thesis to graduate.

I’m looking for serious inquiries only. Due to Covid and safety precautions video submissions are only allowed. If you are interested please send a short video describing who you are, the character you would be interested in auditioning for, and a short monologue of your choice from your favorite character, or a scene you have done in previous projects. If you have a video reel please submit or send me a link. As long as you have the passion for acting all auditions are welcomed.

This video will be placed onto youtube and could be  pitched to various content networks such as  Amazon and Netflix.

Submissions are due by the 21st of January 2021. Please send to ladyb.mediaproductions@gmail.com

Characters will be selected by January 31, 2021

Table Read will begin the first week of February (Via Zoom)

Filming will begin after February 15th…Dates to follow.

Please be available on Saturdays and Sundays for filming cast will be notified of who will be needed on set to prevent too many people on set.

Synopsis: To love or to never love at all? Cherrelle is left with this question as ten years have gone by. Cherrelle has devoted her time into her career and does not have the time for romance and building a family especially since the love of her life had left her at the altar. Now all she cares about is her success at a company that she has given her all to. When everything appeared as if it was going well she’s interrupted with life events. Now she is faced with this question again as members in her family continue to fall in love and get married, and the one that has broken her heart has returned after ten long years.


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