Now Casting For Angel the Short Film: A Story of Forgiveness!!!!!!!

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Angel-Short Film

Hello beautiful and talented people. I am super elated to yet again work amongst you all in a new short film. I am working alongside my mentor director Lacey Turner who has been featured on television platforms such as Entertainment Tonight, Fox, and ABC. He has also had numerous newspaper articles written about him and his films have premiered in multiple film festivals. He has assisted me in helping to cast this wonderful story. If you are interested in an opportunity to be a part of this production please continue to read.

I am not looking for someone who just knows how to act but someone who has the passion. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was an actor each actor learns something new along the way. If you have never acted before but would love to give it a shot, this production is for you. If the character description does not fit you to the tee but you got something to prove audition anyway. The script is not set in stone until the camera is on.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Synopsis: “Angel” is a coming of age story about young boys maturing and becoming men. Angel Martin has had his share of problems and changes where he had to adapt with the patience to get through. His own insecurities and past hurt has caused him to not see the beauty in his present life. He is faced with a cycle that continues, even down to his own son because he hasn’t fully forgiven the one person that he loved the most who he felt didn’t love him. He has to learn how to forgive and break the cycle to heal his home before it falls apart.

Please send video submissions to

Submissions are due by the 17th of November 2021.

Characters will be selected by November 20th, 2021

Table Read will begin November 22nd- November 24th, November 29 and 30th and Dec 1-2nd (Via Zoom)

Filming will begin the week of December 13th- 17th.

Specific Dates and locations to follow.

The cast will be notified of who will be needed on set to prevent too many people on set.

Character Descriptions

Anger Support Group Members

Men 25-30

5-7 People Needed

Anger Support Counselor

African american Male


Supportive, mentor. Who’s been through the problems that the young men have went through, and just want to be a guidance to their young adult lives, in transitioning their energy into becoming strong mature men.


African American

Older  approx. 45-50 or can look and act the role with wisdom and maturity.

He is Angel’s father, but their relationship is rocky. He knows that he is not perfect but wants his family to see that he has changed and wants to create a positive relationship with them. But his son is making it impossible.


African American/Latino/Mixed (One of these)


Age 25-30

Has anger problems, feels that everyone is out against him, his hate is caused from the past hurts that he has not yet forgiven.

Will do anything for his family, and his young kings. All his wrongs and immature doings has caused him to sit down and pay for those crimes in a way that leads to his healing. He’s stuck between the streets and doing the right thing as a family man.


Angelo “Angel” Jr.

African American Male-16 Years Old

Son of Angel Martin and Devyn Lopez

Like father, like son, he wants to do what he can to provide for his family.

He gets invested in the wrong crowds, coming home late from school because of things he’s doing on the street.

He is a basketball player, has a good head on his shoulders but is highly  misguided.


African American Male approx 40-50

Mentor/Father like mentaily

Wants to see Angel do his best, so he’s harder on Angel.

He gave Angel a chance when no one else would.


African American Male 25-30

Has no ties( kids or significant other)

Use work as a front while still servicing the streets

Has the mentality that he doesn’t need to work but that he wants to work.

He tries to persuade Angel back out into the streets




Can be African American/Latina/ or Mixed

Mother of Angelo and Avery Martin 

Girlfriend of Angel

She is loving and a caring mother who truly loves Angel and wants more for him and their family. She sees the potential in Angel which is why she stays for as long as she has. She continues to pray for her family.


African american -16 years old

Angelo’s best friend. He grew up in a christian home and wants to do right but he’s drifting down the wrong path. He tries to encourage his friend back on to the right track, because he sees his potential.

Ray Ray

African American Male

Age 18-21

Shows no mercy but attempts to show respect. He went along way to make a name for himself in the streets and anybody that comes across him that don’t do right, get handled accordingly.


Gangster One and Two

African American Males-18-21 

Serves as council and sidekicks to Ray Ray’s gang. They tell Ray  Ray what they think he should do.


Urban Male approx 40-60

Stern/Father like mentaily

Is familiar with Angel’s past and has been monitoring Angelo’s activities. He is very stern and respected as well as human hearted. He cares about obtaining true criminals, those who do true and physical harm to others, monitoring illegal activities. Those who harm youth.


Male 30-50

Very well educated, humble and straight forward. He holds back nothing when it comes to the need of protecting his patients. He wants to save lives the best way he knows how through his practice.

Extras Needed

Hospital Extras 3-4 people

Wait Room Staff, nurse employment, patients

Memorial Extras 5-10 people

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