Let It All Go

Lghts Up Productions

We are looking for 8 cast members as follows for a St Lou Fringe production this August.  The production would be done in a church basement, (actual setting of play) and recorded since St Lou Fringe is still virtual on all inside productions.  The pay rate would be based actual ticket sales.  The producer/ writer/ and director will not be paid for this production.  All income will be distributed to the cast only.

Hutch – African American Male 50s to late 60s

Nikki – African American Female 30s to late 40s

Q – Asian American Male 30s to 40s

Joe – White Male 50s to late 60s

Javi – Mexican American Male 20s to 40s

Dennis – White male 40s

Jenny – White Female early 40s to mid 50s

Sean – White Gay Male 20s

The play takes place in May of 2021 as the virus restrictions are lifted.  The characters all belonged to the AA group for many years and have not met in person since February of 2020 due to the virus. Sean is a new comer at the end of the play.  There is one character that is anti vaccine, and is a strong Trump supporter.

Please feel free to contact Larry Rizzello (Director) at 314-306-8429.

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