Four Day Delay – Superhero Casting

Lindenwood University

Four day delay is a story about a high school student who must avoid spoilers for the final part of his favorite film series while his girlfriend is out of town.

This casting is for the superhero trailer that the main character sees during the film. Costumes will be worked on and provided. The estimated shoot date is August 30.

This is a non-paid, student production.

This posting is for the following characters:

Quantum Commander (M, 40-50)

– Quantum Commander is a superhero who has given up on trying to save the world. He sees people as helpless and needy.

Parti-girl (F, 25-35)

– Parti-girl is Quantum Commander’s side-kick, who in the absence of Quantum Commander, has taken on the roll of a superhero. She sees the good in the world and that it needs to be saved.

Volcanus (M/F, 30-40)

– Volcanus is a hot head that wants to watch the world burn. He/She doesn’t care who is in his path. He/She wants to burn it down and start again.

Resume (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

Headshot (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

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