General Casting Call/Auditions for Lindenwood University Final Year Projects

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The Cinema Arts program at Lindenwood University will be hosting two auditions for the final year Capstone film. Casting will be held for 7-9 final year projects slated for production this semester.

There are two sessions: Wednesday (2/19) from 3pm to 7pm in the LARC Theatre on the Lindenwood campus (209 S Kingshighway St, St Charles, MO 63301) and Saturday (2/22) from 10am to 4pm at the Centene Center for Arts & Education (3547 Olive St., St Louis, MO 63103).

Sides will be provided.

Email to book a time or for more information.

Character Breakdowns:


TAYLOR, M, late 20’s-early 30’s – Male, late 20s early 30s, confident but troubled, minimalist mindset, very organized, can be manipulated by the boss

BOSS, M, 50-60 – strong personality, grew up poor and trusts no one except Taylor, has an almost father/son relationship with Taylor

DR. CONLEY, F, late 20’s-early 30’s – confident woman, doesn’t take crap from anyone but is still kind, very driven to help people

Steal the Sun

Jordan, a benevolent and young politician is filling his recently passed father’s position at a political consulting firm. At a meeting with the and his business partner/friend, Keith Hicks, Jordan discovers the cruel and corrupt history of his father’s team.

JORDAN FRAZIER, M, 28-35 – A benevolent and kind-hearted politician, ready to please his recently passed away father by filling his role in Governor Phillips’s consulting firm.

KEITH HICKS, M, 50-65 – A business partner and long-time close friend of the Frazier family. The treasurer of Governor Phillips’s corrupt political firm.

GOVERNOR P.J. PHILLIPS, M, 50-65 – Corrupt and money hungry governor of the state.

Goddess of the Toilet

A girl from Germany, Marie, comes to Lindenwood University in the U.S. to make her dream of becoming a successful actress come true. In her class, she meets a girl from Japan, Anna, and they become roommates and best friends. One day, she hears the news from her mother that her father has passed away, and she must decide between staying at Lindenwood or going back to Germany. Anna explains the concept of death in Japan to Marie, and she finds the answer to her ultimate question.

MARIE, F, 18-30 – A Courageous, kind, international student from the countryside of Germany who wants to become a successful actress in the U.S

ANNA, F, 18-30 – A timid, international student from Japan who aspires to gain confidence in by earning a diploma at an American university


Three kids head deep into an old campground with a mysterious past and learn that there are evils within. Elizabeth must overcome her own fears before a lunatic takes her life.

SAM, M, 20-25 – Lazy, prankster, and a bit dull at times. Only along for the ride till it gets serious.

ELIZABETH, F, 18-22 – A fiercely independent teen who is afraid of the dark and has sudden panic attacks.

How To Be Venezuelan

A kid wants to learn how to be like his/her father after finding out he is about to die.

JANE, F, 20-30 – An American woman trying to comfort her son.

CARLOS, M, 20-30 – A Venezuelan guy who teaches his son how to be a Venezuelan before dying.

ALEX, F-M, 6-12 – A kid who wants to learn how to be like his dad

Pocket Brothers

Two brothers who love to steal, go around pick-pocketing people with the help of their skills as magicians. However, the theft of a particular item could change one of the brothers’ mind leading him to consider going straight.

HARRY, M, 20-30 –  A guy who loves doing what he does best which is pick-pocketing. He does not like to work on regular jobs, preferring to steal. He really cares about his brother, David.

DAVID, M, 20-30 – Likes what he does with his brother Harry which is to steal. Kindhearted and willing to give up the life of crime. Looks up to his brother, Harry.


ANNA, F, 13-16 – A rambunctious teen that feels her father doesn’t care for her. She speaks frequently with Mr. Mike, her imaginary friend since childhood, about her troubles and feelings. She is desperate for happiness and acceptance.

DOM, M, 40-50 – He is a single father that works hard for himself. He feels as if Mr. Mike is becoming closer to Anna (his daughter) than he would like, so he takes matters into his own hands. He is determined to become respected and is authoritative.

MR. MIKE, M, 18+ – Mr. Mike has been with Anna since childhood after given sentience by the “Halo Project”. In essence, he his Anna’s imaginary friend. Only she can see, hear, and feel him. He manipulates her into wanting to only be friends with him. He is cunning, sharp, and mysterious.

Bigfoot, Big Problems

A college freshman has to balance his school life while trying to hide his Bigfoot ancestry from his conspiracy theorist roommate.

TODD, M, 19-25- Nervous, secretive, and terrified that someone will learn his secret. Main goal is to protect himself and his family. Loner, but very nice to everyone.

ADAM, M, 19-25- Manic, paranoid, and easily excitable. Loves to talk about about conspiracy theories and hates doing homework. Loner who attaches himself to anyone who pays him attention.

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