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I’m a graduate student at Lindenwood University seeking young, Black actors (ages 10-15) who are interested in gaining experience in TV/Film.

This fall I’ll be producing the pilot episode of a TV series titled Castle Hill. The series follows five neighborhood kids who, out of curiosity, unearth disturbing secrets about the abandoned neighborhood a couple of streets away. It takes place in a predominantly Black neighborhood in St. Louis County.

Auditions will be held in August and filming will take place in September. Ideally, we’ll be in production for two consecutive weekends. This will be an outdoor shoot. Plenty of water, food, and sunscreen will be provided. There will also be designated areas with fans or A/C for actors to relax between shots.


After witnessing her brother and his friends debate which of their city’s urban legends are true and which ones are fake, Myra Campbell cautions against Daniel Campbell’s plot to go to Castle Hill: an abandoned neighborhood that everyone steers clear of. All the neighborhood kids know something isn’t right about Castle Hill, but they also know not to go there because their parents would be livid.

Though cautious, Myra is just as intrigued by Castle Hill as the others. So when Daniel and his friends attempt to exclude her from the day’s adventure, she insists on tattling if they don’t let her tag along. They leave without her, but she secretly follows them in hopes of finding out the truth about Castle Hill on her own.


Myra Campbell: (Age 10-12, Female, African-American) Bold, independent, and open-minded. She admires her older brother, Daniel, and effortlessly inserts herself in his circle of friends.

Daniel Campbell: (Age 13-15, Male, African-American) Insecure about how his friends perceive him when Myra is around. He wants to be seen as tough, so he’s mean and dismissive to Myra in an effort to hide his fear/insecurities.

Tyler: (Age 13-15, Male, African-American) Peacemaker, leader, and most laid back of Daniel’s friends. He’s the one the friends look to for information about St. Louis urban legends.

Caleb: (Age 13-15, Male, African-American) Jokester of the group. He hides his fear and insecurities by making jokes about others who he notices may feel the same way. Since he and Daniel are both insecure, they tend to argue the most.

Josh: (Age 13-15, Male, African-American) Caleb’s sidekick. He thinks that being a kiss-ass will keep him from being the butt of the jokes. Tends to instigate things between Daniel and Caleb.

*All actors must be capable of riding a bike.

If you’re interested, or if you know anyone who might be interested, please contact me at 314-601-2609 or

Thank you!

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