Horror Film (feature)

Live or Die Productions

We have a shoot approaching from January 2 – 15, and have some key roles to cast.  Some of these roles require additional dates in March and beyond, so don’t apply if you are certain that you cannot commit beyond January.


Young Elizabeth


Elizabeth is a kid who’s forced to take care of her family after her father mysteriously disappears.  She finds work as an assistant to a mortician with a keen interest in her family.




Chuck is Elizabeth’s father.  He struggles to keep his family afloat during a long period without work and a recently deceased wife.  Chuck should be burly in stature and bearded preferably.




Avery is Elizabeth’s little brother.  He generally gets preferential treatment in the family, but his horrifying fear of what lives in the home’s crawlspace annoys the rest of the family.


The Mortician


This is an interesting role.  The Mortician’s voice has been recorded by an excellent voice actor, but we need the visual part of him.  Ideally someone tall with lip syncing skills and no fear of the makeup chair would apply for this role.




Sylvia is a fake psychic from Louisiana.  She has  ancestral connections to an important person from the past and experiences serious epileptic seizures.




Doris is a nursing home patient with dementia.  Actors applying for Doris must be comfortable with special effects makeup.


Please submit a headshot and resume for any of the above roles.  If you have the ability to send a video audition, please indicate that in your email.


Thanks for looking.


Resume (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

Headshot (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

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