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Dear Producers,

I’d like to pitch my screenplay to you and your team. If one day you are seeking new screenwrights via query letter from me, for investors, & producers to produce my TV series pilot project information is available to view by requesting the copyrighted script.

It was drafted MARCH 24, 2019 and completed APRIL 4, 2019. Lastly the copyright was registered with LIBRARY OF CONGRESS (ECO) ELECTRONIC COPYRIGHT OFFICE on APRIL 5, 2019. The Copyright Registration number # is: PAu3-969-807




Josh Brown is a taxicab driver by day, and a handsome devilish womanizer by night who drives a black Chevrolet Camaro to pickup naive women. This man finds deceiving young women is a carnival. Once they are held captive his habitual sexual desires can turn deadly.

In closing:

I would like to invite you to email me and you will then receive my NON DISCLOSURE FORM. Or if necessary to view the script I can sign yours if you prefer. I hope to connect with your company to present my project.

Thanks for your time!

For investor’s inquiries, etc. please contact:
(314) 683.8570 cell.

With regards,
Mark Anthony Wilks

(Creator/Screenwriter/Actor in St. Louis, Missouri)

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