Short Film Motherhood Casting Call

Mary Kate Sartori and Megan Sander

Webster University Students

Director: Mary Kate Sartori

Genre: Drama

Logline: Follow three generations of women who all struggle to maintain their relationships with each other after dealing with the effects of motherhood.

Character Descriptions:

Maggie (39)

Hard working single mother, dedicated to raising her daughter

Kindhearted, detail oriented, trying to keep her house in order

Strained relationship with her mother

Became pregnant in college and had to drop out

Jemma (17)

Only child, trying to finish up high school

Anxious, intelligent

Discovers she’s pregnant, trying to work things out with boyfriend Jeremy

Feels more connected to her grandmother than her mother

Note- actors under the age of 18 must have at least one parent present on set.

Mawmaw (Amelia, 62)

Mother to Maggie, grandma to Jemma

Recently suffered a stroke, has aphasia, wants companionship

Messed up her relationship with Maggie after Maggie got pregnant

Kind and warm to Jemma, blunt

Shooting Dates: Friday, March 5 through Sunday, March 7

We will have COVID guidelines on set for safety. This will be unpaid but credits and free food will be available.

Please submit an audition tape and another dramatic video you have prepared, examples can be monologues or acting out a scene. Email

Below is a link to the sides for your audition tape.

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