Pulitzer’s Editor Murders a Political Rival

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Civil War figures impact the legal landscape of modern America

We are seeking an actor to portray John A. Cockerill of St. Louis, who was Joseph Pulitzer’s first managing editor at the Post-Dispatch. In 1882, Cockerill shot to death a man named Alonzo Slayback, in the newspaper’s office.  The victim, Slayback, was a prominent St. Louis attorney who was a Confederate veteran and a poet; Slayback and his brother were the originators of St. Louis’s “Veiled Prophet” tradition. A Grand Jury declined to indict Cockerill when he pleaded self-defense.  The blow back from the incident caused Pulitzer to move the seat of his operations to New York.

The project will produce an edited film of not more than 5 minutes, and the filming session will last less than one hour.  Location of filming is the City of St. Louis.  The successful candidate will be compensated $100.00.

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