Looking for engineers/producers/ artists of all caliber

N.A.S.A. Entertainment

We are a small little start up that has an amazing opportunity for stl and all of the IL side. We are looking for producers and engineers heavily for our ever growing list of musician’s. NASA Entertainment is a team of professional and motivated individuals who understand the group always comes first before any petty disagreements from within. Everything will be marketed properly by out marketing branch but its up to production to give us something to market. All individuals that sign will be paid on a percentage and the break down is 50, 30, 20. So the artist will recieve 50%, the label recieves the 30, and the producer/engineer recieves the 20. For concerts the artists are divided 40% of all profit, producers/engineers recieve 10% of all profit, the 50% is then divided amongst the marketing and video teams. Please contact us if you are interested in the current opportunities.

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