Looking for two male actors and actress for student film

Newton Strings Productions.

Deadly Encounter.

Logline: In order to accomplish a cruel and irrational revenge, a hitman is hired by a woman to kill an innocent person, which will produce an inner conflict on the hitman’s morals of work.




In her thirties, not hygienic appearance, and impatient pacing. The Black Dressed Woman has an unknown past. The path of her decisions is unclear and apparently unvirtuous. She likes cigs and alcohol and at the age of sixteen she got pregnant. After an inner conflict against her will to commit an abortion, she decides to have her baby who will become her only hope for living and walking forward.

During an incident in college, the Black Dressed Woman’s child got “raped”; but she was not in fact raped. This issue led to a legal process in which the accused one was found innocent. However, the Black Dressed Woman planned a revenge in order to make sure that this issue achieves the “peak of justice”.

There is no limit on which a furious mother would do to protects the credibility and the life of her children. No regrets will invade the conscience of a mother who just want the best for her children no matter the consequences and the means. Thus, she, who is aspiring to defend the moral credibility of her child, will execute a cruel revenge against a young man who is innocent of what she thinks this guy did to her child.


Tall, strong, and handsome; a total Golden Boy in his twenties. The target’s life have been replete of success and virtue. He is a great athlete -soccer-, a great person, and a great friend. His curiosity, modesty, and political correctness have been his main characteristic to become a charismatic person among his social context.

One day, after a blurry and confusing night, the Target is accused of raping a girl. All of his achievements seem to shrink because of this accusation and his delightful life stops for a moment. Nonetheless, he is declared innocent by the the judge and his life continues without any other issues.

The only issue now is the revenge that has been planned out to kill him. This plan will surprise the Target. And, eventually, take his delightful life away.


Around his thirties, strong body, and powerful presence. Sicario have turned himself into a path of excess and deficiency. A quiet person, an utilitarian worker, and a machiavellian man.

Before he was okay, he had a family, a car, a house, a job, and all these things that make a person being happy. A car accident took away the life of his family and the economic crisis took away his home. By this point, Sicario has lost all hope in America and in all people.

Society failed him and to his dreams. Without nothing to lose, Sicario finds shelter in a macabre vocation. This mysterious man makes a living by “silencing people”.

SHOOTING DATE: 11/11/18 (7:00am-1:00pm).



J. A. Requena


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