Auditions for The Food Monologues, presented virtually by Over Due Theatre Company

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Over Due Theatre Company is seeking performers of all genders, sizes, ethnicities and types, ages 13+. To be considered for a role in ODTC’s production of The Food Monologues, please complete the Google Form at and attach a video with one of the listed monologues.

Auditions close SEPTEMBER 2ND @ 11:59 PM CT.

• The Food Monologues will be presented online on October 24th, 2020. Tickets will be on sale sometime in September. All performances will be pre-recorded individually or in Zoom, depending on the needs of the scene. Cast members will be responsible for individual pre-tapes independently on their own time. Rehearsals & group filming will take place from September 8th through October 18th.
• Over Due Theatre Company is a community theatre and all performers will be cast on a volunteer basis.
• In collaboration with the playwright, we have made the decision to break up some roles that are traditionally doubled. We are also choosing to consider casting men and non-binary actors in roles originally intended for women. Because of this, other breakdowns that you find online for the show may not be accurate for our particular production. And keep in mind, you can’t necessarily tell in which ways someone struggles with food by looking at them. Keep an open mind when choosing a monologue.
• The Food Monologues is an experimental play that explores issues related to eating disorders, disordered eating, weight changes, and body image. If you are someone who actively struggles with issues like these, please ensure that you are presently equipped to safely take part in a production like this, prior to submitting.
• Some (NOT all) characters exhibit behaviors onscreen such as chewing and spitting, simulated binging, simulated over-exercising and showing the physiological effects directly after purging. Please give thought to which of these you are comfortable with performing in a scene and answer the related question accordingly on the Google Form.

A hard copy of the full script can be found on Amazon, here:

Director: Bekah Harbison
Assistant Director: Ann Hier Brown

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