CASTING CALL: Caster Files: Game Over—Rare Coin Media’s newest film

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We at Rare Coin are proud to announce our Casting Call for our next film Caster Files: Game Over! Game Over is the second movie in our Caster Files short film trilogy and the sequel to Caster Files: Redemption.


Non – Union/ Volunteer

Payment: Credit, Food, Footage for a reel if needed.

Looking to film April 22nd-27th. (DATES MIGHT CHANGE JUST TRY TO BE OPEN TOWARDS THE END OF APRIL) If you are busy or have other things scheduled please do not audition.

Plot Synopsis

CF: Game over follows [Will] as he battles a hacking genius, Hex, who will stop at nothing in his quest for vengeance against Will.



Caucasian, 25-30, Tall(roughly 5’9”-6’0), physically fit with confident demeanor, no extreme physical piercings.

Christie is the older sister of the main protagonist Will. After they both lost their parents when they were younger, Christie always played the mother role for Will. Where they differ is their personalities; Will is the tech guy who’s worked crime scenes as such and Christie is a tough demeanor led woman. She still picks on Will from time to time because he’s the “dork” but she will always protect him. She is strong, confident, and resourceful in her own way. She is not afraid to get her hands dirty when need be and she will always protect those closest to her. Strictly put, she is a badass.


African American, 20-25, physically fit, short beard, tattoos preferred(not required).

Hex (Dwayne), is an emotional and psychologically broken man. He was best friends with the main protagonist Will in college and after an accident which involved Hex’s brothers death, he became convinced Will was responsible due to the specifics of it all. Ever since Will joined a P.I group after graduation, Hex became obsessed with exacting revenge on Will and he’s finally got his chance. Hex is rugged, beaten, and physically prepared to do whatever it takes because he has nothing to lose. He is a man living in a very dark world and has no one left to care for. He is the embodiment of death.


If you would like to be considered for the roles available in Caster Files: Game Over, please complete the submission form on our website. Go to and click the auditions tab at the top. After we review your submission, we’ll contact you for your resume, headshots, and reels if you have them. Once we receive those you’ll be sent an email with the character sides so you may audition for us via self-tape. These steps are to ensure professional, serious submissions and proof of active email use and a way to contact you. Please slate your self-tape before beginning your audition in the best lighting possible and a good angle so we can actually see your talented faces! We’re eager to meet and work with you on Caster Files: Game Over.

Good Luck to you all!

Resume (under 2Mb pdf,png or jpg files.)

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